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The WRTC holds regular monthly meetings September - June on the second Thursday of the month in the community room of the new Wilbraham Police Department. You can see the full schedule on our WRTC Calendar. Meetings are for members, associate members and guests only, however you are welcme to attend the opening public section of our meetings. We often have guest speakers and reports from Republican elected officals in the town.

Full Member

Open to Registered Wilbraham Republicans who are residents of the Town of Wilbraham, Massachusetts and have become Associate Members of the WRTC. Your application for full membership must be voted on by WRTC committee members at a regular general meeting if you did not run for in the presidental election year. Members are generally selected from Associate Members who attend meetings on a regular basis. Suggested Donation*: $35.00

WRTC Member - Suggested Donation $35.00:

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Associate Membership

Open to all Registered Wilbraham Republican. Associate Members cannot vote on WRTC motions. Your application for Associate Membership must be voted on by the WRTC at a regular general meeting. You should plan to attend at least a couple of WRTC meetings before submitting your application. Suggested Donation*: $25.00 WRTC Associate Member - Suggested Donation $25.00:

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Friends of the Committee

Open to Registered Republicans, Unenrolled, Independents, and Libertarians who live in or outside of Wilbraham, youths who are not yet old enough to vote, and adults who are learning about the political process but are not registered voters. Suggested Donation*: $10.00

WRTC Friend of the Committee - Suggested Donation $10.00:

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If you are interested in becoming an associate member or member of the committee plead contact our Chairman Dave Sanders at or feel free to attend one of our meetings, we would love to have you. *Please note: Your membership is not contingent on a yearly donation. Donations are used to support our member programs, mailings, printing, community outreach, hall rentals, refreshments, and Republican Candidates for elective office. Only donations from individuals can be accepted.

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Donate* to the WRTC

The WRTC mission is to help elect Republican candidates for town office. In order to do that we need funds to help candidates run for office. We make donations to individual political campaigns and we also spend money directly to run advertisements in the local newspapers to support all of our candidates. While our primary mission is to elect candidates for town offices, we also try to support candidates for state offices, especially candidates from Wilbraham. Donations to campaigns from our town committee can be important to a candidate because while individuals are limited to donations of $500.00 by state law, contributions from the town committee can be as high as $1,000.00 and there is no limit to donations in kind. For example we can spend any amount to do mailings, buy lawn signs, etc.

Of course our ability to get candidates elected is limited by our resources. We have a small committee and a limited budget. Any donations to our committee are very welcome to help us get our candidates elected. While individuals can make donations as high as $5,000.00 to our town committees, any donation no matter how big or small will be appreciated. We have set up a donation web page so you can use your credit card to make donations or you can send a check to our treasurer. 

\Please make out checks to Wilbraham Republican Town Committee

  • Please note that political contributions are governed by both federal and Massachusetts political campaign finance laws that specify or require that contributions:

  • Are ineligible as tax exempt contributions for income tax purposes
  • Corporate contributions and contributions from LLC’s or LLP’s are impermissible
  • Contributions of $50.00 or more must be made on personal check or credit card
  • Individuals contributing $200.00 or more per calendar year must provide their occupation and employer
  • Contributions from individuals to town committees are limited to $5,000.00 per calendar year
  • Contributions from individuals under the age of 18 are limited to $25.00 per calendar year

*If you would like to make a donation to the WRTC with your credit card, please remember to fill out the name of your employer if your donation is over $200.00.

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