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We serve as Wilbraham’s source of Republican activism and are chartered by the Massachusetts Republican Party. We are committed to building a free, stronger, and more prosperous Wilbraham for everyone. We believe by promoting our conservative values of limited government, free enterprise, and a strong community we can make Wilbraham a better place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.

  - James Burke, Chairman WRTC



We have a dedicated group of full and associate members that are working to make Wilbraham Great.


We strive to nominate and elect Republicans to town offices. We support state wide and national Republican candidates. 


We have enjoyed success in electing Republicans, but we are constantly working to find new candidates that will work hard for us and we need your help to get them elected.

We have experience & proven


We have had a good record of electing Republicans in our town, but we need you help to recruit and elect representatives that will make our town a great place to live for all of our citizens. If you would like to volunteer to run for office or nominate someone else please click on the Volunteer button.





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